Agile Modeling (AM) Pamphlet Download

English Version (~444k, PDF)


You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This PDF file is a two page pamphlet summarizing the critical concepts behind Agile Modeling. I distribute this document in workshops that I give, at conference presentations, and at client sites.

Folding the Pamphlet:

For this pamphlet to make sense you need to fold it in "window format". As you'll see it is presented in a three-column landscape format so that when printed double-sided it can be folded and given out to people. It's designed so that when you open it up fully the values, principles and practices page is revealed.

Distribution of this Pamphlet:

Feel free to print this pamphlet in whole and distribute it freely to anyone who would like it, particularly to people attending AM presentations or workshops and to developers involved in a project that has adopted AM. You may also copy the PDF file and make it available on your own internal servers if you wish, although a better approach would simply be to distribute the URL for this page (it won't change). For other uses please contact me.