The Agile Modeling (AM) Method

The Agile Modeling Mission

To share proven and effective strategies for modeling/mapping and documentation.

What is Agile Modeling?

Agile Modeling (AM) is a practice-based methodology for effective modeling and documentation.

Some important concepts:

Model. A model is an abstraction that expresses important aspects of a thing or concepts. Models may be visual (diagrams), non-visual (text descriptions), or executable (working code or equivalent). Models are sometimes called maps or roadmaps within the agile community.

Agile model. Agile models can be something as simple as stickies on a wall, sketches on a whiteboard, diagrams captured digitally via a drawing tool, or detailed models captured using a model-based software engineering (MBSE) tool.

Modeling. Modeling is the act of creating a model. Modeling is sometimes called mapping.

Agile modeling. Agile modeling is modeling performed in a collaborative and evolutionary manner.

Document. A document is a persistent representation of a thing or concept. A document is a model, but not all models are documents (most models are not persistent).

Agile document. Agile documents can be something as simple as point-form notes, detailed text, executable tests, or one or more agile models.

Agile Modeling Strategies

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