The Agile Modeling (AM) Method

Agile Modeling Logo

The Agile Modeling (AM) Logo

Let’s explore two important topics regarding the Agile Modeling logo:

  1. Using the AM Logo in Your Publication
  2. The Symbolism Behind the AM Logo

Using the Agile Modeling Logo in Your Publication

The AM logo may be used on book covers, in white papers, in magazine articles, or on web pages when the following conditions are met:

        1. The publication at least overviews Agile Modeling.
        2. A reference to either the Agile Modeling site or Agile Modeling book (or both) is made.
        3. Feel free to use the following image, Agile Modeling Home Page

      , or if you need to email me to obtain a higher-res version (suggested for print publications).

      The Symbolism Behind the Logo

      A triangle is the strongest geometrical shape because you cannot change its shape without changing the lengths of at least one of its sides. In Goju Ryu karate, which I have studied since September 1996, we use the points of the triangle to symbolize the three aspects of ourselves — ken, zen, and tamashi (mind, body, and spirit) — that form the foundation for our lives. With the AM logo I have attempted to apply similar symbolism, in this case the points of the triangle represent the three foundational aspects of AM: its valuesprinciples, and practices.